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Hi, I'm Polly and I handcraft kokedama -  houseplants set in soil and bound with moss and twine. Kokedama literally translates to 'moss ball' in English and is a form of bonsai. One of the many things I love about kokedama, is that it encapsulates the concept of Wabi Sabi - the appreciation of rustic simplicity and imperfection. 


 I started Entwined Kokedama after losing my job during the coronavirus pandemic. I first learnt how to create kokedama whilst travelling through Malaysia. Since then, I have spent months researching and trialing different methods in order to bring you kokedama that I am proud of, and are handcrafted at every step.

Kokedama last a lot longer than a bouquet of flowers and are a great way of bringing the outdoors in. With options to suit any room in the house, finding one to match your needs is easy. So simple to care for, they make a great gift, even for those with a knack for killing plants!

I'm currently trading at markets in and around Manchester (see upcoming dates here) and doing local deliveries in the Bury and Rossendale areas. For all enquiries please complete the form below - I look forward to hearing from you.




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