Below is some general information that I hope will be useful to people who are interested in knowing more about keeping houseplants happy and healthy in their homes. The Lighting and watering section explains the relationship between the two, and will hopefully help people change their mindset about watering - there is no set watering schedule for any plant, the key is to understand how a plant uses water and why it would need watering (or not).


The adjustment period section explains why plants change over time, and why your plant that you have bought from a plant nursery does not continue to look perfect in your home long term. It also touches on some common changes that you may observe from your plant, and explains why these changes do not indicate that your plant is dying.


In the last section I try to give some suggestions of plants that I think are great for a newbie, or for someone that has had trouble keeping houseplants alive in the past.


If there is any information that you would like to see added to this section of the website, I’d love to hear your feedback!