Currently I am making small choices that are helping reduce the impact that my business has on the planet.

  • The sphagnum moss used in my products is harvested from renewable sources.

  • All of my kokedama contain peat-free compost. In fact, the moss balls themselves are made up of 99% biodegradable materials.

  • All of my twine and macrame materials come from a local supplier in the North West.

  • Some of my kokedama are wrapped in coco-fibre which is actually a waste product from the coconut industry. I see this as a great way to give new life to a material that would otherwise be discarded.

  • I try to provide as much education as possible to my customers when they buy a plant from me - from where to put your plant in your home, to how often to water it, to when to repot - we all know some houseplants can be fickle friends, and by providing as much knowledge as I can about your specific plant, I want people to focus on caring for the plant they already have, as opposed to buying new ones each time one dies.

  • When you buy a plant from me it will come in a recycled cardboard box, and just recently I have switched from the use of plastic tape to recyclable, paper tape in my packaging.


I know that the actions I am currently taking are small, and that there is always more that can be done to reduce my carbon footprint.


Some of my suppliers still use plastic in their packaging, and when I send a plant in the post, I sometimes use plastic based products to secure the plant safely on its journey.

I would like to be transparent about the efforts I am taking to reduce my carbon footprint, and am always happy to hear about ways that I can improve in the future!