The two varieties of christmas tree kokedama that I sell are both outdoor plants - this means they will not survive if left indoors long term. They will survive indoors from now until Christmas Day, however they need to be placed outside for a period of 24 hours, once every 7-10 days. These plants also will not tolerate very warm rooms - please ensure they are kept well away from any heat sources (e.g.radiators, fireplaces) . A porch would be an ideal place for them. They also prefer a well lit room, so somewhere with good natural lighting would be ideal.

They will need watering about once every 7 days, but this will depend on how warm your home is. To check if your tree needs watering, simply pick up the plant - if the ball feels very light, then it is time to water. To water, pour a very slow trickle into the top of the ball - if you have bought a small tree, then it will need about 100ml of water. If you have bought a large tree then it will be more like 200ml. Try to avoid letting the water dribble down the side of the ball, the flow of the water must be very slow so the soil can absorb it. I use a sauce bottle with a nozzle so if you have one of these that would be perfect. If the soil has been left to get a bit too dry, it will be difficult to water - if this happens, try and water the soil a small amount, and then leave it to absorb for 10-15 minutes, before trying to water again. This should soften the soil slightly so watering will be easier. you may also need to move the moss aside slightly at the top of your ball during watering.



Once Christmas is over, if you want to keep your kokedama alive, it must be placed outdoors. If you have an area that is sheltered from the rain, this would be ideal as if it is exposed to the rain then the twine will rot prematurely. Continue to water your tree as normal. If you would like to re-pot your tree and keep it for next Christmas, simply cut off and unravel the twine layer, and then plant the whole ball into a new pot (make sure if has drainage holes!) Cover with potting mix, and leave outdoors.